Acoustic Wednesday

Come on out every Wednesday and catch an intimate acoustic set buy some of our favorite local band leaders! Shows start at 8pm and feature $3.50 Craft Taps!

February 22nd
BILLY O’DWYER from Chasin’ Mason

March 1st
STEVE & JESSICA from Georgia Overdrive

March 8th

March 22nd
BILLY O’DWYER from Chasin’ Mason

April 5th

April 12th



Friday, February 24th

The ingredients for a great taste-in’ show- Mix seven very talented musicians, play punchy, rowdy country music, mix it with some bluegrass, rock and blues, put it all into a large show- then get ready to bark with the dogs. Introducing the BARDOG SITTERS!

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Saturday, February 25th

Rooted in country and laced with rock ‘n roll, Chasin’ Mason makes music as rugged and raw as the rough roads and wrong turns that have taken them through seven years of trial and triumph. A melting pot of musical influences, Chasin’ Mason mixes Merle and Mellencamp with U2 and Keith Urban to create their rockin’ edge with a story to tell. The guys borrow their style and passion from their diverse pasts. Pulling from musical families, hard childhoods, wrong crowds, and right girls, Chasin’ Mason plays Real Life Real Loud!!!

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Friday, March 3rd

Radio Romance is a new country music band out of Nashville, Tennessee that pushes the envelope when it comes to modern country music. The band focuses on delivering high-energy performances while sticking to their country roots.

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Saturday, March 4th

Fool House is THE ULTIMATE ’90s DANCE PARTY! Between the mullets, their laid back style, choreographed dance moves, and foolish sense of humor, they strive to create the ultimate party anytime they take the stage. The name of the band speaks for itself, reminiscing all the party throwbacks from the 90’s. Party on…

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Friday, March 10th

As a family they grew up singing together, in church, on car rides, or sometimes randomly throughout the house. Some things never change… Just five months after Brigitta purchased her own first guitar, the band “Genesee Depot” was formed and had their first debut. since then hundreds of venues later an years of experience you will see professionalism and there passion for music in every song! “Genesee Depot.”

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Saturday, March 11th

7 short years on the scene, The Now has gained the reputation of a fine tuned, powerful live act. With the recent addition of Joey Gleesing formerly of The Rockerfeller and First Kiss on lead vocals, The Now has expanded their play list to remain competitive and on the cutting edge of what a cover band can be. Identity, honesty, passion, and just a few surprises to keep you interested. The Now – change is good.

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Friday, March 17th

Come out to KBII this St. Patrick’s Day and party rock with the Lunch Money Bullies! This will be a show you won’t want to miss!

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Saturday, March 18th

Kashmir, the nation’s #1 Led Zeppelin tribute show, it is the most authentic representation of Led Zeppelin on the modern national touring scene. Each of the 4 band members assumes their individual role with pinpoint accuracy. With the playlist of every classic rock station and the most identifiable voice in rock history, Kashmir’s show features Page’s iconic double-neck guitar, Bonham’s drum solo, the stage show of the era, and most importantly, the greatest hits that make up the soundtrack to peoples’ lives.

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Friday, March 24th

We play rockin’ country music because that’s what we are, a country rock band. We bring you high energy country rock like no one else and we make it sound like it’s supposed to. It ain’t country if it don’t rock. And that’s what we live by. Check us out and you will see.

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Saturday, March 25th

LoveMonkeys (noun) |  PRONOUNCED: [luhv muhng-kees]
(1) Native Milwaukee band known best for entertaining the heck out of their audiences;
(2) Crazy group of guys who play instruments, jump around on a stage, and have a curious fondness for animals of the primate variety;
(3) Performers of rock, pop, reggae, country, and original music – can be found frequenting local festivals, bars, and women’s locker rooms;
(4) A legendary live performance like you’ve never experienced!

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Friday, March 31st

Shotgun Jane is a high-energy, modern country/rock band based out of Janesville, Wisconsin. Fronted by two of the area’s best female singers and featuring multi-talented musicians. Shotgun Jane brings you strong musicianship, a fun and engaging show, and all around good time!

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Saturday, April 1st

With the finest sound and lighting equipment available, and engineers who use that equipment to its fullest potential, the TOYS Show is a sound and visual experience that must be witnessed in person to be believed. It’s this attention to detail that separates The TOYS from the rest. Sit back and listen or get up and dance to one of the most impressive groups in the Midwest.

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Friday, April 8th

Totally Neon is a 5 piece 80’s Pop / Dance band bringing you the MTV hits and Movie anthems we all love to dance to.

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Friday, April 14th

The ingredients for a great taste-in’ show- Mix seven very talented musicians, play punchy, rowdy country music, mix it with some bluegrass, rock and blues, put it all into a large show- then get ready to bark with the dogs. Introducing the BARDOG SITTERS!

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Saturday, April 15th

Reckless Remedy is a new and upcoming band from Wisconsin comprised of former members of Chasin’ Mason and Saving Savannah!

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Sunday, April 9

Paul LaRoche is the founder and producer of the award-winning Native American music group Brulé. The group is best known for thrilling audiences with a mergence of cultural rock and theatrical instrumentations. Now in their 20th season, their national performances carry the same contagious excitement as Trans Siberian Orchestra, Celtic Thunder, and Riverdance—but with the emotional impact of the American Indian culture.

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