Live Music: Jim Gaff “Outlaw Country”

Jim Gaff “Outlaw Country”

Country music is at the core of Jim’s heart. He has always been country in so many ways from little on. As a kid, it was everyday fun playing in the fields, the ponds, creeks and barns. Years later, he is still true to his heart and in his wheel house when singing with that same American country style feel good.

Jim sings with a country grass roots style to the likes of – Waylon, Jones and Haggard. He can then shift gears, turn up the heat and respond with a gravelly, punchy, a high impact country vocal sound.

Let’s all unite for real country music- “Take Back Country Music Revolution” with Jim Gaff.
Join Jim on November 11th for a night of “Keepin’ It Country” and again on December 9th for a special Outlaw Country Christmas Party!


Monday | 2pm - close
Tuesday | 2pm - close
Wednesday | 2pm - close
Thursday | 2pm - close
Friday | 2pm - close
Saturday | 8am - close
Sunday | 8am - close

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