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Apr 14 2023


9:00 pm


Live Music

Live Music: Genesee Depot

Genesee Depot!

As a family, they grew up singing together on car rides, randomly throughout the house, and in church. But once the guitar was brought into the house, playing it spread like a fever though the family and their love for Country music took root.
Brigitta began playing the guitar at the age of 6 and her brother Tim constructed a guitar with fishing line. Today Brigitta is a master of the electric guitar, riffs and sounds, and has added her voice as a co-lead female vocalist.
Paul, being another family member who caught the guitar fever, began learning the acoustic first. At the age of 13 he started taking bass lessons. With bass in hand, he added his electric bass and bass voice to the mix.
Regina at the age of 14 was taking piano lessons. After two years of piano, she stepped away from the ivories and found a guitar was much easier… to carry around.
During that period Regina developed to become a lead female vocalist. She has recently taken up the mandolin to incorporate new sounds into the band’s mix.
The recent addition to the band family is drummer Kurt Singer. He provides the energy and a beat to every song that will have you out of your seat and dancing.
Together they are the band “Genesee Depot” and have quickly been winning accolades from Country Music fans throughout the state.


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