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Mar 22 2024


8:00 pm


Live Music

Live Music: Genesee Depot

Genesee Depot!

Voted “Best Country Band in Wisconsin 2019” by the online publication Found In Wisconsin, this young family band has dedicated the past 11 years to performing country covers from the hits of the 90s to now – with some originals mixed in as well.
Taking the stage early in life, Genesee Depot has been entertaining crowds for eleven years across the state. Bringing high energy and beautiful harmonies, the group captivates audiences with an original sound that can’t help but reveal the family bonds the three lead vocalists share. Growing up together has only strengthened their collective love for singing, songwriting, and performing. Countless performances have shaped each of the band members into not only better musicians, but into the standout artists they are today.
Genesee Depot is always looking to reach and impact more people. One of the ways this was made possible by Channel 12 WJFW who featured a live performance of their original songs “Kiss Me” and “Easily” off their 2018 Nashville-recorded debut project, Distraction EP. Following the achievements of their EP sales, as well as streaming locally and across 16 countries, Genesee Depot returned to Nashville to create their next success. Eleven, released May 2022, is a culmination of the story they have written so far, and a step forward into the stories yet to be told.
Genesee Depot is a band that is constantly growing, reshaping, and honing their skills together as a family. Every show is a different experience, with new connections and new memories – and a new chance to find your next favorite song.


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