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Dec 27 2019


7:00 pm


Live Music

Live Music: Eric Diamond


…Eric Diamond’s interactive, high-energy style, humble nature and song selection are what keep people coming back.  And as Eric himself says:

“Whether you’re 25 or 85 years of age, everyone knows and can sing along to at least one Neil Diamond song. I’ve seen this during countless performances of my Neil Tribute — whether I’m performing at a casino or festival with the Ultimate Legends Band, doing my solo show at a bar or restaurant or playing a courtyard picnic at a nursing home, there is continually and consistently an excellent response. And why is this? It is because, simply put, Neil Diamond is one of America’s greatest songwriters, of this or any generation. I know I sound like a quote from the movie Saving Silverman, but it’s the truth. He has sold millions upon millions of records by putting his words, music, heart and soul out there for everyone to hear. I am by no means a fanatic; I just know good music when I hear it. 

“It is an honor and a privilege to reproduce the passion of Mr. Diamond’s voice at every show, and to reintroduce people to the beauty and simplicity of his songwriting. And with a great mix of other great nostalgic sing-along songs from the 60s, 70s & 80s, I will ALWAYS deliver a show that will be remembered for weeks to come.”

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