Bronco Billy’s Winter Reunion!

Bronco Billy’s Winter Reunion!

From the keyboard of DJ Mike Tischer…

“Okay, folks….
I get requests all the time for another reunion. You want it, you got it!
The Legendary Bronco Billy’s closed its doors on the last day of June (that’s the 30th), 2001. But, the friendships remain.
Let’s party old school style with the music you remember (and some you’d like to forget), and scoot your boots at Kelly’s Bleachers II in Wind Lake.
I’ll have all the hits…you bring your dance moves, and let’s do this!”


Monday | 2pm - close
Tuesday | 2pm - close
Wednesday | 2pm - close
Thursday | 2pm - close
Friday | 2pm - close
Saturday | 8am - close
Sunday | 8am - close

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