Live Music: Apollo’s Beacon


Apollo’s Beacon is a high energy, alternative/hard rock band from Bloomer, Wisconsin. Playing covers from some of their favorite bands including Muse, Incubus, Imagine Dragons, Young the Giant, and many more. Writing and performing their own music as well.

“Our passion is playing live music we thoroughly enjoy.”

Since its inception in 2014, Apollo’s Beacon has played multiple shows throughout the Midwest. From the crazy life of playing rock and roll, to vans breaking down, and also losing a few members, they have found strength in their newest members, Brandon Burkart and Sullivan Neal, who have given everything they have to this project. With a newly refined lineup, Apollo’s Beacon is ready to bring something new to you!

Lead Vocals, Keys // Matthew Anderson
Lead Guitar // Brandon Burkart
Bass, Vocals // Sullivan Neal
Drums, Vocals // Wolfgang Zank


Monday | 2pm - close
Tuesday | 2pm - close
Wednesday | 2pm - close
Thursday | 2pm - close
Friday | 2pm - close
Saturday | 8am - close
Sunday | 8am - close

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